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Tips to Create a Corporate Video

To create a successful enterprise, video planning and production are essential. Most consumers and customers can be reached through catchy corporate videos. You can also use these videos to create and build a brand identity. Strategizing the market position of your company and your go-to-market plans are possible with the help of explainer videos, eye-catching content, and company-specific information.

You can do all this and more with the help of a reputed digital video production company that makes these videos. One such company is Picture Book Films in London. They help identify points of market-entry, market strategies, target groups, consumer bases, and flow of information. 

You can position your business to outclass and outgrow your competitors with the help of a few well-placed and well-explained corporate videos. 

Whether it’s the first video or fifteen for your company, here are some tips to create a corporate video.


  1. Hire a Professional

Once you’ve decided you want to create corporate videos, you should start looking for professionals to make them. Recruiting a video production company and hiring a videographer can make all the difference in the world. Professionals in this field would be able to guide you through all the essential steps of creating a corporate video and would give you the quality that you’re looking for. These professional companies also provide video scripts, ideas, graphics, lighting, editing, and other services associated with creating corporate videos. 


  1. Know your audience

Define your target audience and talk to them. Most existing clients and customers provide a wealth of insight into the processes and information that they need. Your corporate videos should help your customers, and reel in new ones. Always remember, if you can add value to your customer through a video, they will like, share, and talk about it with others. Indirectly, your corporate video also becomes a sales strategy to maximize your revenues without adding to other marketing costs. Target specific segments of your audience, and solve their current issues with the help of your video to get the maximum benefit out of your investment.


  1. Build an emotional connection

Purchasing decisions are usually emotional decisions. While your product or service may be the best in the market, customers might still not buy it if they are not emotionally connected to your company. If your video has an emotional aspect to it, there are chances that it would reach larger groups of people. Most corporates today concentrate on the emotional and human point of videos, rather than only on the product or service being offered. Your video should tell a story to connect viewers with your brand on an emotional level.


  1. Be Human

Most businesses today have become faceless identities that seem larger than life. People find it hard to connect with such companies. If you have the budget, hire a celebrity or a social worker with a fan following to endorse your brand. Giving people a face to connect with your brand can help create a sense of belonging. In the minds of your customers, your company is run by several people who do not come in front of the audience. By introducing a human element to the videos, you will be showing your customers that your business or company is interested in their wellbeing. 


  1. Promote your Video

Your corporate video should not have an end. You should hire someone to post your video content and ensure it goes viral on social media. Doing this helps create awareness about your brand, its products, and the services offered. If your video is catchy, and people enjoy it, they will freely share it with others. Many corporates also hire PR agencies to assist them with public relations, online and offline marketing, and social media boosts. Some video production companies also offer this service for a fee. They also provide a measure of the performance of your video through live analysis.


  1. Mobile-friendly videos

With people using mobile devices to connect to the Internet, you should ensure that your video is mobile-friendly. Your corporate video should be shareable via smartphones and other electronic devices. The formats should be compatible with all Android and Apple phones.

While you are making the video, you should remember certain essential aspects like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google marketing campaigns, maximizing user interest, tagging video content, boosting your corporate video through social media streams, and ensuring your video script has the relevant keywords to get the most out of it. 



How to choose an electrician?

An electrician is a tradesperson that is well-specialised in electrical wiring of stationary objects, transmission lines and other types of electrical equipment. Contractors require a clear point of what they want to get fitted. The electricians are well-experienced in the installation of electrical components and can help in providing the necessary equipment. They usually help in repairing electrical equipment in the houses.


Some of the facts that you should remember before hiring an electrician are as below:

  •   License and insurance: The vital duty of any customer is to check that the electrician they are hiring is experienced adequately with a permit or license. Licenses and permits are proof of work and experience. They are also proof that the electrician you are hiring has the adequate knowledge and practical experience. Always check whether the license is current and mandatory. Any electrician in Brighton are some of the best since they have a permit with extensive experience. They work in regular assessments with a full guarantee. Their register scheme also speaks for itself and many times; you would not require a recommendation.
  •   Value for money: Before proceeding any work, communicate with the electrician what work is needed and what would it cost. You can get a better understanding of electricians and their fee structures by speaking with a few and understanding your budget. More qualified and experienced electricians do charge more than those that do not have as much experience. Contractors also check the prices and labour costs of electrical work before finalising on any one electrician and try to get the best price that the pool can offer.
  •   Experience with qualification: You should examine all the credentials of the electrician you plan on hiring since you will require his/ her education and experience. You would also be putting your safety and the safety of your property into their hands. A master electrician with great recommendations and experience offers12 months of warranty. The confidence a warranty brings about is invaluable. You are automatically assured that your house is in safe hands. The knowledge and skills are built up with the experience that most electricians with high qualifications have.
  •   Recommendations: Recommendations help understand the manner, professionalism, style, and quality of work of electricians before you hire them. You also get an understanding of the type of exposure that they have received before working on your project. In case you are unable to find recommendations, you can ask the electrician to provide you with references that can vouch for their past work. The experience of contractor matters a lot, and it affects the work capability of the electrician.
  •   Attitude as well as its communication skills: An electrician can get easily judged on their communication skills. A lousy attitude and rough behaviour can never take a tradesperson far. A professional electrician has the best communication skills with the best performance. Their education can define their attitude towards work. Courteous and gracious professionals are humble with their knowledge and are willing to respect and be respected in return.


What are different ways to select an electrician?

There are various ways to select an electrician. However, some of the facts need to be kept in mind before choosing an electrician. The electricians in Brighton are very famous, and they are well-experienced with the proper licenses and permits.

  •   Past work: An electrician should get judged through his/ her previous work. They are well-experienced if they have at least three years of on-the-job experience. The contractor/ owner should confirm the past work of the electrician before hiring them for any action because it matters a lot.
  •   The price offered: You should always check the costs involved with any electrical work, since there is a high possibility there might be added costs later. Many electricians add to the original costs as the work progresses. Reconfirm all the prices, labour costs, equipment hires and charges, and so on before you select one.
  •   Online portals: Online portals and web directories are excellent sources for recommendations, reviews, and past grievances. Thoroughly scout through all these portals and any local listings that you can find while you continue your hunt for a good electrician.


While there are several ways that you can find an electrician, you should ensure that your final selection is a good fit for the kind of work you need to get done on your property. Do not hire commercial electricians for residential projects and vice versa.

Ways to Work as a Full-Time Homebased Freelancer

A lot of people today are shifting towards working at home. From working in an office, people prefer to work on their own time and even be their own boss. You can skip a number of things if you work as a freelancer. You can skip interactions with people you don’t really know. And also, you can have more time for yourself. If you are intimidated to work fulltime as a freelancer, it is best to know some of these tips. You could also apply to be ambassador for small businesses like Once a Baby.

Start small

The first thing that you have to remember is that you don’t always have to go all out. There are professions wherein it takes a lot of time before it could build up. The good news is that you can take things slow. You can opt to not quit your work at first and simply start taking an extra hour or two of freelance work during the weekends. Keep doing this for a couple of weeks until you can build a good reputation for yourself and have more clients. The next thing you know, you can already go after full-time freelancing because of the number of clients that you’ve accumulated.

Consider getting experience

If you are looking to become a freelancer, always keep in mind that you are going to compete against other talented and experienced individuals or even agencies. You will need to have the necessary experience to attract clientele. It is also necessary that you build your portfolio. You can do this by working part-time as a freelancer at first or you can also work for a company.  You could start offering free SEO in Newcastle if you live there as a means to getting off the ground.

Consider using platforms to get a gig

Getting a gig is all about finding where the clients are. There are available platforms online that you can use to find the right clients. For instance, you can use Fiverr. Here, you can set work that is worth $5. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can just do simple work for this amount and wait until the clients invite you for a job interview. Or maybe, you can even send your application.

When it comes to using a platform, you will have to know its rules. Upwork, for instance, now asks the freelancers to pay for the connects that used during applications. You will also have to ask yourself if it is worth it.

Work as a group

Some companies hire not only one freelancer but an entire agency. Perhaps, you can work as a group rather than working alone by yourself. This can allow you not only to work with large projects, but you can also control the pay that other freelancers get. It means that you get a chunk of what gets paid to them. This means passive income. However, you will also have to be careful to maintain the quality of the work that you do. It is quite common for agencies to do mass hiring.

When it comes to working as a freelancer for a living, you need to keep in mind that there are ups and downs. There are good days and there will be bad days. But is it worth it to skip office politics and unnecessary interaction? Yes. Look at Civilized Health for some inspiration into becoming someone who works at home.

Simple Tips How Can Restaurants Improve Their Marketing

If you make a quick search of restaurants nearby on your mobile phone, you will most likely come up with a great number of options. You will be surprised by the number of actual restaurants in your area especially if you take into account the ones that don’t appear on the results. Though having a restaurant is a good business, you also have to understand that there are complications that you will have to anticipate. For instance, how does your restaurant stand out?

One of the things that you will have to address is your online presence. These days, you can rely on online marketing to get more customers and improve your overall branding.

Fix your website

First, you will need to have a website. The website should be modern and it should be able to showcase information that your customers might need. It means that you will have the operation hours plus your menu. You will also have to let your potential customers know more about the type of restaurant that you have. Do you have a child-friendly restaurant? Or maybe, it is a fine dining restaurant that requires people to dress up?

Good Content Brings Customers

You also need to make sure that you are going to have good content. Good content can make a huge difference in the long run not only for your ranking but also for the number of customers that might become interested in what you offer.

Content allows you to be more creative. But before you even write the content or formulate a poster that can be shared on social media, you will have to know your audience by heart. Try to see their behavior.

Target your audience

Though organic search is a great way to connect with your audience, you also need to consider the use of paid posts to get more people to look into your restaurant. You can make use of Google Ads or social media ads to do this. What makes this different is that you can target your audience. You can target them via location. It means that you can single out the location and increase the chances that your potential customers are going to see what you are publishing online.

Rely on customers for marketing

One great way to boost your sales and exposure is to get the help of your customers. With social media, it becomes possible that your happy customers become the ones that promote your business. With the help of your customers, it is possible to be seen across different social media platforms regardless if it is Facebook or Instagram.

On your part, you can facilitate viral marketing. You can have a spot where they can have their photos taken. And also, you can make the food presentation Instagramable. This makes it possible for your food to land on popular Instagram accounts.

If you are going to have your restaurant, it is crucial that you know how to make use of creative marketing strategies. Without these marketing strategies, business could become slow. Keep in mind that search engines and social media platforms go hand in hand when it comes to promoting a business especially a restaurant.

How to Choose a Good Kitchen Renovator

If you plan on having your kitchen renovated, you might want to get the help of the pros. Kitchen renovation entails skills and experience. When it comes to finding the right kitchen renovation company, there are many things that you should first consider.

First, before even considering the renovator, the company needs to be insured and licensed. This step can help give you the peace of mind that you need if you are having a renovation. You can also double check if they have any case against them filed by their past clients. Try to take a closer look at the Better Business Bureau website for more information. You will be surprised that some companies actually have problems with their past projects.

Also, you want to make sure that you are not going to be impulsive when it comes to choosing the contractor that will work for you. You want to compare at least five companies before choosing one. You can also try to ask for a quote. Typically, contractors can provide you with a free quote. Remember that cheapest doesn’t always mean the best or the worst option. Your goal is to have the best bang for your buck. Especially if you plan to fit tougher items such as water softeners.

How to Lose Weight With Minimal Efforts

There are a lot of people today who dream of losing weight. Losing a significant amount of weight can be difficult especially if you are going to take into account people’s body fat plus their dedication. If you want to lose weight with minimal efforts, you will first need to make sure that you know how to cook. You can cook delicious but healthy foods that will serve as your substitute for junk foods.

Next, you need to build muscle mass. A common mistake among those trying to lose weight is to simply do cardio. This isn’t ideal since it can be considered catabolic. It means that you also burn the muscle mass.  What you want is to maintain the muscle mass to burn more calories. And since you burn more calories in your resting state if you are muscular, your muscles will work for you without any effort. Many people opt for buying Saxenda online which can be dangerous if not used properly.

If you plan on losing weight, you will also need to monitor several things including your sleep. The more you sleep the more calories you can burn. Given these pointers, you can lose some weight with minimal efforts.

Why Invest in Cryptocurrencies Today?

If you are familiar with Bitcoin, you may have heard of how it was able to reach its all-time high of near $20K in 2017. Though it had a major correction losing more than 80% of its value in the next year, it is slowly recovering. Today, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies that you could invest in. If you are someone new, why should you take a closer look at digital currencies and even consider investing in one?

First, you have to consider the fact that it is decentralized. Though not all digital assets are decentralized, those cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin that is controlled by no one is something worth looking into. Why? First, you don’t have governments that can dictate this particular currency. It is not tied to any government. This is the same reason why during an economic crisis, Bitcoin price goes up along with the other cryptocurrencies. Keep Moving Care who sells used mobility scooters talks about all the products you can now buy with cryptos.

Next, you also have to consider the number of Bitcoin. Let’s remember that Bitcoin price could dictate what happens to the other cryptocurrencies out there. In an entire lifetime, there are only 21 million BTCs. It means that the longer Bitcoin lasts, the lesser the chances that you can own this cryptocurrency. Given the law of supply and demand, it is possible that its price will skyrocket over time. A lot of people in the crypto niche these days are waiting for the next halving.

The halving pertains to the less reward given to Bitcoin miners. When this event takes place, there is a chance that Bitcoin price is going to go up.

Another important reason why you should start taking cryptocurrencies seriously is the fact that even big players such as JP Morgan and Facebook are now considering cryptocurrencies. It only means that there is a chance that we are going to see the adoption of digital assets sooner than later. Though Facebook is currently in hot water after it announced Libra, it only shows the potential of cryptocurrencies. You can even use them to buy things online like a combination microwave.

Could we be seeing more institutional investors in 2020? This could happen given the fact that regulators are also making their move. The SEC is already taking a closer look at ICOs that have given a bad name for the industry as a whole.

Though the crypto industry is still a long way to go, there is always the chance that it is going to stay. If you invest now, it only means that there is a potential that it could still go up. Unfortunately, you also need to know the risks if you ever get into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You will have to take into consideration the fact that it is a highly volatile asset. You could lose 80% of its value in a matter of 12 months. For a lot of people, HODL isn’t exactly a good investment strategy.

If you invest in cryptos, be sure that you can invest what you can only tolerate losing. There is always the risk that cryptos are going to crash. However, with the direction that it is currently taking, more people are expecting for cryptos to last.