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Tips to Create a Corporate Video

To create a successful enterprise, video planning and production are essential. Most consumers and customers can be reached through catchy corporate videos. You can also use these videos to create and build a brand identity. Strategizing the market position of your company and your go-to-market plans are possible with the help of explainer videos, eye-catching content, and company-specific information.

You can do all this and more with the help of a reputed digital video production company that makes these videos. One such company is Picture Book Films in London. They help identify points of market-entry, market strategies, target groups, consumer bases, and flow of information. 

You can position your business to outclass and outgrow your competitors with the help of a few well-placed and well-explained corporate videos. 

Whether it’s the first video or fifteen for your company, here are some tips to create a corporate video.


  1. Hire a Professional

Once you’ve decided you want to create corporate videos, you should start looking for professionals to make them. Recruiting a video production company and hiring a videographer can make all the difference in the world. Professionals in this field would be able to guide you through all the essential steps of creating a corporate video and would give you the quality that you’re looking for. These professional companies also provide video scripts, ideas, graphics, lighting, editing, and other services associated with creating corporate videos. 


  1. Know your audience

Define your target audience and talk to them. Most existing clients and customers provide a wealth of insight into the processes and information that they need. Your corporate videos should help your customers, and reel in new ones. Always remember, if you can add value to your customer through a video, they will like, share, and talk about it with others. Indirectly, your corporate video also becomes a sales strategy to maximize your revenues without adding to other marketing costs. Target specific segments of your audience, and solve their current issues with the help of your video to get the maximum benefit out of your investment.


  1. Build an emotional connection

Purchasing decisions are usually emotional decisions. While your product or service may be the best in the market, customers might still not buy it if they are not emotionally connected to your company. If your video has an emotional aspect to it, there are chances that it would reach larger groups of people. Most corporates today concentrate on the emotional and human point of videos, rather than only on the product or service being offered. Your video should tell a story to connect viewers with your brand on an emotional level.


  1. Be Human

Most businesses today have become faceless identities that seem larger than life. People find it hard to connect with such companies. If you have the budget, hire a celebrity or a social worker with a fan following to endorse your brand. Giving people a face to connect with your brand can help create a sense of belonging. In the minds of your customers, your company is run by several people who do not come in front of the audience. By introducing a human element to the videos, you will be showing your customers that your business or company is interested in their wellbeing. 


  1. Promote your Video

Your corporate video should not have an end. You should hire someone to post your video content and ensure it goes viral on social media. Doing this helps create awareness about your brand, its products, and the services offered. If your video is catchy, and people enjoy it, they will freely share it with others. Many corporates also hire PR agencies to assist them with public relations, online and offline marketing, and social media boosts. Some video production companies also offer this service for a fee. They also provide a measure of the performance of your video through live analysis.


  1. Mobile-friendly videos

With people using mobile devices to connect to the Internet, you should ensure that your video is mobile-friendly. Your corporate video should be shareable via smartphones and other electronic devices. The formats should be compatible with all Android and Apple phones.

While you are making the video, you should remember certain essential aspects like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google marketing campaigns, maximizing user interest, tagging video content, boosting your corporate video through social media streams, and ensuring your video script has the relevant keywords to get the most out of it. 


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